Our intelligent automation and process control stand for smooth operations with maximum efficiency – in production, power generation, and with all processing, distributive or engineering processe. We develop PLC systems and individual solutions for your requirements. Efficient control and regulation, monitoring and operation on screen, as well as accurate documentation and data processing of the production processes, all go without saying.


  • Proprietary solutions for micro controller and PLC
  • Migration of existing systems to new hardware and software environments
  • Flexible, powerful OPC interfaces and OPC servers
  • Flexibly scalable system architecture
  • High redundancy

    A rapid and continuous flow of information is the basis for economic operation and plant management. The JANSSEN systems for management of information offer permanent access to all important data and prepare them for further processing. They are ideally suited for the modernisation of control systems in the process control level and above. They also integrate different automation systems and are not bound by any system limits.

    We speed up your processes with the following systems:

    • Process control systems on a modular basis, to integrate different automation systems into an overall system: consisting of a variable visualisation interface with OPC interface and OPC Server
    • PCS7 / WinCC Innovative Process Visualisation: visualisation systems with the highest technical standard
    • PFS configuration tool: the standard, vendor-independent interface
    • Migration solution PCS7: the ideal complement to existing control systems to the process control level
    • ACRON: the system for the management of information in the process control system with all the advantages PFS

    Processes in control and automation are getting faster, and information must be readily available. Therefore, we offer powerful software - always up to date for your production processes. We develop our own application software, and as a Siemens Solution Partner we are specialists in various product lines. We guarantee smart, fast and powerful processes in communication and production.